Creating Interactive Content with H5P

During the last two days I’ve been attending the Moodlemoot UK and Ireland 2018 conference at the University of Strathclyde. If you are a Moodle user and if the opportunity arises, I’d highly recommend that you attend one of the Moodlemoots held around the world.

What’s especially good is the networking aspect of the conference – everyone is “open” to sharing their experience and practice. One of the tips of the week that I took away is setting up your WordPress site as your repository for H5P content. That means your H5P content can be shared and embedded across multiple locations, i.e. author once and publish everywhere.

As a result, I’ve came home, installed the H5P plugin in my WordPress site (which took me all of 30 seconds) and I’ve created my first H5P object. OK, I’ve opted to try out the easiest of all of the content types, an MCQ but I’ve proved to myself how quick and easy it was to create and add to this WordPress post. Time from start to finish – 10 minutes! Not bad.


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